European Quality Assurance I+D+I Certificates

Olmo Mazcuñán SL has received certification from the European Quality Assurance certifier I+D+I certificates with the Research and Development qualification for the project

Leader in the mushroom sector

Our Commitments

Maximum quality

The main objective of our company is to get our customers to receive the highest quality products, for this reason and thanks to the efforts of more than 20 people who make up the Olmo Mazcuñán SL team, we are getting it and we bet for further improvement, so we have laboratories to do our analytics as well as the ISO 22000 quality certificate

Unbeatable Service

Olmo Mazcuñán, SL, in these last two years has established itself as one of the best companies in Spain in import and export of wild and cultivated mushrooms. We are currently taking our products to more than 20 countries spread over all the world.

We serve the whole world

All the products that our company sells have a shelf life of more than 60 days in controlled temperature. With this we manage to be able to export to any country in the world. From the Madrid airport we have a daily service so that our products arrive in the best quality conditions to our customers, on the other hand we also have a maritime service for large volumes. For any questions you can contact our foreign trade department.


Within the world of fungi there is a great variety.
We have a wide variety of cultivated fungi throughout the year, in addition to the edible wild fungi that nature offers us in every season. endless dehydrated products.


Thanks to the magnificent international relations of Olmo Mazcuñán S.L. the following awards have been obtained:
Recognition of the Korean embassy
Thanks to his effort, Olmo Mazcuñán has received an Official Recognition from the South Korean Ambassador to Spain, Park Hee Kwon as one of the companies that has contributed the most in trade relations and in Korea´s economy from the south.


K-Food Festival
K-Food Festival is the first national festival promoted by KOTRA, Commercial Office of the Government of Korea, to provide a meeting point between Korean and Spanish cuisine. In its first edition, held last 27 November at the Kitchen Club in Madrid, a large group of professionals from the new optics to one of the healthiest kitchens in the world.
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